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About Abble iCat

Buy $iCat on Jupiter

Meet Abble iCat 🐱 - the purr-fect Solana sensation! 🚀 With boundless creativity, sophistication, and generosity, we're here to turn play into profit! 💰 Join the fun, crack a joke, and let's make some serious moolah together! 😎 I am the cat who will bear the name of the richest cat brand in the Solana chain.

Attention, fellow crypto pioneers! 🚀 We're building a purr-fect community and we're counting on your unwavering hodl power and impeccable teamwork! Get ready for an exhilarating journey from the birth of iCat to its CEX listing! 🌟 While iCat may be born without utility, fear not! We've got big ideas brewing to unleash its full potential within the iCat ecosystem. 🌈 With a dedicated team fueled by a burning desire to make iCat the ultimate cat-tastic meme token in history, there's no limit to what we can achieve! Join us on this wild ride and let's make history together! 😺

Advantages of iCat

LP locked for 365 days
Freeze Revoked

Listen up, fellow memers! 📣 You're about to embark on a wild ride into the world of meme coins, but hold your horses! 🐴 You've stumbled upon the holy grail – iCat, the ultimate choice! 😼
Don't empty your bags right after launch – double down on iCat tokens instead! 💰 Buy'em once during presale and again after the token hits DEX. 🚀
Why settle for anything less when you've got iCat? 🌟 It's not just a meme coin – it's a lifestyle! 😎


Total supply 100,000,000 iCat

Token address DppU9B7tPm9cFi5Kje1zCZU87w3xwftrH2vqiy94K5Ad

DEXTools tokenpair (Raydium) GDZzW1nePovVqJ8EWhYFB2wVJo1o4GiVEhqUpx4KfAiG

DEXTools tokenpair (Orca) 9yT1QMkKTxkQkSqkUQZ9T79pbcYPysvVYwi7tFvsFWbX


Welcome to the purr-fect playlist!
Dive into a world of iCat-themed movies, reviews, cartoons, and more.
Get ready for some serious feline fun!

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We gather and showcase your best comics and memes here.
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We'll regularly host contests for comic and meme creations.
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Ooops. Meow!

🚀 Hold onto your seats, folks!
The iCat token sale is just around the corner!
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